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Big Bus Tours - Westminster  March 18, 2013 – 08:39 am
Big Bus Hop On Hop Off London Sightseeing Tour

So these guys with these credit card machines sell you the pass and basically it's a print out of the receipt. Honestly, I have no idea if they use a different color or not for different days, but the drivers don't really look at the receipt so you could probably reuse it! Don't think I didn't think about it (but didn't do it because we just ran out of time).

So you jump on and there are two different kinds of tours, one is live with a guy like Vince Vaughn in "The Breakup" and the other is a taped recording in which they provide headphones and you can plug in an aux outlet at any of the seats. The latter bus is eerily quiet because everyone is listening to their headphones. We happened to try both, but they do take different routes so be careful if you're using the bus as a form of transportation.

Speaking of which, I would NOT recommend it as transportation because it takes FOREVER to get anywhere. They wait for passengers, and sometimes you're waiting for someone to buy tickets and then you have congestion, so do it if you have patience. Or like us, it's a rainy day, you just got off the plane, and you want to do an overall reconn trip to help plan for later.

We hopped off and walked around, but got back on because all the metro stations were closed due to the holiday and because they're getting ready for the 2012 Olympics, which is a pain in the arse. Be prepared to take replacement buses overground during the weekends, because random stations and stops will be closed. May the transportation gods be with you.

Anyway, if you get a good guide, great. Ours was pretty freakin' hilarious, calling the people on the other bus losers, called Starbucks, St. Arbucks, and other various quips which were probably his way of just giving the middle finger to the world vis a vis the tourists.

However, I was sick as a dog having caught a cold, so the second time we hopped on the bus, it actually took us 1 1/2 hours to get back to our hotel, so I learned nothing about London, but did have a nice, long nap.

It's a little on the pricey side, but a good way to see everything. We didn't get to take advantage of the Thames tour, but I would recommend it since you're paying for it.


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London in 48 hours

Take an open bus tour, seeing all the typical sights, if it's a nice day then after the bus go down to Embankment ( are you writing this down?) and go on a boat to Hampton court, where Henry 8th lived and did his kingly bed and beheading duties, boat or bus back to the centre, go to covent garden<...oble theatre thing, then eat out in Chinatown after or before the show. Day2 go up to the London Eye, on the south bank, take a nice roll up and down, and enjot the view, afterwards go to Westminster Abbey and gawk at the splendid isolation England is justifyable proud of, then a short hop along the riverbank to the Tate Museum, going back to the National Museum and the National Portrait Gallery

Big Bus Tours - London
Big Bus Tours - London
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