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The world famous Stonehenge is situated around 90 miles (145 kms) west of Central London. Taking into consideration traffic in London its best part of a 2 hour journey for a tour bus. If there is one thing you are not short of is choice in tours that go to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is isolated and not served by public transport. If you just want to see Stonehenge its both quicker and cheaper to take a tour bus than travel independently. Because of the travel time out to Stonehenge and the fact few people need more than an hour at Stonehenge the vast majority of tours to Stonehenge are full day tours that combine Stonehenge with one or two other major attractions, the most popular tour being the Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath tour.

For the rest of this page we go through the broad choices of tour available on the market.

Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge Tours

The Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath itinerary is the most popular itinerary for a day tour from London that visits Stonehenge. There are several tours every day of the year including Christmas Day when Stonehenge isn't even open!.

Although the basic itinerary of 2 hours at Windsor, an hour at Stonehenge and 90 minutes at Bath is fairly constant there are tweaks to this format between the tours available.

All but the International Friends small group tours have the visit to Stonehenge after Windsor Castle, arriving around lunch time or early afternoon.

The International Tours Small Group tour has Stonehenge as the first stop and is normally the first tour bus to arrive at Stonehenge from London each morning.

The standard full size bus tours typically use around a 50 seat touring coach to operate their tours. One variation on the standard Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath tour is to limit the maximum size of the group to 35 and make an additional lunch stop at Lacock. This routing offers a slightly enhanced tour for a slight premium, what you get is the guarantee of a lid on the numbers on the tour bus plus exposure to some very nice English countryside and time in a very nice village off the beaten tourist track with lunch in a 14th century historic village pub.

Just Stonehenge Tours

If you just want to see Stonehenge then the trip will still take around 5 hours of your time from London. There are afternoon tours leaving London around lunch time and between April and October morning tours leaving London around 8:15 a.m.

Stonehenge & Bath Tours

For many, 90 minutes at Bath on a tour visiting also Windsor and Stonehenge is not long enough. Missing out Windsor results in you getting a full 3 hours in Bath. The biggest single attraction in Bath are the Roman Baths, but for many their priorities for sightseeing in Bath lie elsewhere and the Roman Baths do not figure in their plans.


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We got to the bus "on time" when we were told

To be there. If everyone wandered off because we weren't all present, we'd never have left. As it was, we left Bath late, and got stuck in a lot of London traffic, so we all got back to London late (and some people had plans that evening).
If you're on a tour, you have a responsibility to everyone else to be where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be. Otherwise, it won't work. You got lucky that your tour bus companions didn't mind. We only had a certain amount of time at Stonehenge in order to have time later in Bath. People who want to go at their own pace should make their own plans and skip organized tours.

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