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What is The London Pass? The Sightseeing Package for London Tourists  March 2, 2015 – 06:49 am
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What is the London Pass? Discover how you will benefit from the London Pass

The London Pass is the ultimate sightseeing package that has been specially tailor-made for visitors to the city. It allows holders to make the most out of their trip, saving them both time and money.

With the London Pass you will get the following:

  • Free entry to your choice of over 60 popular attractions, tours, sights and museums
  • A useful 160+ page guidebook (one per Adult London Pass) about the attractions plus helpful tips about the city
  • Ability to skip the lines at various selected attractions to save time
  • Optional Travelcard to cover all of your transport needs
  • Over 20 exclusive special offers
  • Money Back Guarantee option available

You can get all of this for one low price!

The London Pass Saves You Money

London can be an expensive city, and its tourist attractions are no exception. However, go sightseeing with a London Pass and you could make some great savings. Take a look at the normal gate price for some popular London attractions.

London Pass Attraction
Normal Adult Entry Price
Tower of London
Thames River Cruise
London Bridge Experience £23.00
Windsor Castle
London Bicycle Tour £18.95
London Zoo
Westminster Abbey £18.00

Visiting just these 7 attractions and tours will cost £137. With The London Pass, these and many more attractions won’t cost you a penny.

On top of this, London Pass holders get over 20 exclusive special offers at shops and leisure facilities across London.

The London Pass Saves You Time

London is a popular destination; therefore, attractions and sights do get very busy. Waiting in line can sometimes take hours from your sightseeing experience - that’s why London Pass holders get to skip the queue at key attractions such as Tower of London, Windsor Castle and London Bridge Experience.

Also, the useful information available in our Guidebook helps to plan the perfect sightseeing itinerary to maximise your time in the city.

The London Pass Saves You Stress

Carrying lots of cash around and having to figure out how much an attraction will cost can take the fun out of your sightseeing adventure. With a London Pass in your hand you won’t have to worry about this as everything is paid for in advance. It even helps you to budget for the trip so you don’t have a worry about over spending.

If you include a Travelcard with your pass then you will have the added convenience of having all of your transport around London taken care of too!

Each Adult London Pass comes with a detailed 160+ page Guidebook to help you plan your trip and make the most out of your visit to the city.



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