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London Underground Tour - Tube Train Tours  December 27, 2012 – 09:31 am
London Underground Tour - Tube Train Tours

“I did not realise there was so much history behind the ‘tube’. The tour was fascinating as we learned how separate developments were merged together to become one of the most sophisticated underground systems in the world. The guide was very informed and knowledgeable.” - Douglas T. Geinzer, Founder/CEO Recruitment Specialists Inc, Nevada.

“Appeal for long-time Londoners as much as first-time tourists. Our guide was effortlessly friendly and, as far as we could tell, flawless in her facts. We even learnt a thing or two about our specialist subject. Splendid.
– Londonist

Travel across 150 years in just two hours. Moving from one of London’s first ever Underground stations to its most futuristic, unearth the remarkable stories behind the Tube’s design and construction and experience its fascinating history first-hand.

A perfect choice on a winter’s day, too, because as locals know, it’s always 10 degrees warmer on the Underground.

Highlights include:

  • The original plans for the tube – including steam engines enclosed in glass
  • Spotting the ghost station at the British Museum from the train
  • Travelling along the proposed ‘Viking Line’
  • Learning about one of the earliest forays into corporate identity
  • Discovering how the Victorians dug all those tunnels – by hand
  • Seeing the hidden secrets of the tube’s architectural history that will change your journeys forever

The Tube Tour’s ideal for visitors who want an engaging and informative look at London’s past and present, as well as Londoners who want to get under the skin of their hometown. Office teams and student groups have also taken the tour, to experience design and engineering excellence as they learn about it. There’s a good measure of fascinating and strange tidbits thrown in too, to keep everyone amused and wide-eyed.

Please note: this tour does not go into any disused stations.

“If you think you’ve seen everything London has to offer, think again. Explore the history of the world’s oldest underground on the London Underground Tour.”

– Yahoo! Travel – Top 10 Alternative Tour providers

“I am so glad I took the Underground Tour – we were exploring London with a knowledgeable friend, not being talked at by a tour guide. We learnt the history and architecture of the oldest metro system in the world and discovered parts of London our guidebooks didn’t mention. I’ll definitely sign up for another tour.”

– Kathleen Galan, Baker, New Jersey

“The Tube Tour was one of the most enjoyable and informative guided walks I have ever taken. Our guide was clear, spontaneous, insightful, and able to improvise or respond to questions or situations. (One member of our small group had enough background information to be a challenge for any pro.) I would highly recommend the walk to anyone interested in the Tube. Thank you for your services.”


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