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5. Re: Recommendations for planning a 10-day Paris/London trip?

Jan 04, 2013, 1:19 PM

I did this last August with my then 11 year old. We traveled the 20th & 28th of August. It's kind of awesome being NYers, because we can do during that week in August when the rest of the country is already back to school :-)

1) make your trip longer than mine, if you can. It wasn't enough time!

2) Hotels were really cheap at that time of year. I got a suite at Park Plaza county hall - there was a queen bed, and then a sitting room with a very comfy sofa bed and I think we paid GBP151/night. The room had a Nespresso machine, which I adored, a view of Big Ben and the London Eye and it was really easy to get to places - and they even had laundry machines in the basement. I think the machines were free, but the soap was like GBP2. We got a triple room at the Hotel Balmoral in Paris for E132 a night! It was a really lovely hotel and I expected a lot less for that kind of price.

3) There is a bank holiday in England on that Monday - so Eurostar gets booked super quickly and London is a bit mobbed. Also, there isn't as much to do in London on a Sunday, next time I'd be sure to do my Sunday in Paris.

4)I recommend getting tickets to Shakespeare's Globe - the kid friendly shows sell out very quickly. You can get standing room only tickets for GBP5, but our 11 year old didn't last more than 45 minutes before he really wanted to leave (we were thrilled he lasted more than 10, to be honest!).

5)Fly in to one city, home from the other. That way you are only taking Eurostar once. It's awesome once. The second ride makes you feel like you are really wasting time.

6)You can write to the Tower of London for FREE tickets to their locking up ceremony at night (called the Ceremony of the Keys). Google it and the info should come up.

7) Paris was not mobbed at all. We went to the Louvre on a Friday at about 4:30 and there was no line at all at the Pyramid entrance. When we went to Cafe de Flore, I immediately got a prime table right in the front. I thought it was a fantastic time of year to be in Paris. The weather was gorgeous - it was great!

I will try to find links to my trip reports -- the people on these forums were sooooooo helpful. You have totally come to the right place.

Feel free to private message me too if you have questions :-)


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