Stonehenge Tour from London

Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath Day Trip from London - London  May 20, 2015 – 05:39 am
Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Lacock & Bath Tour from London

Pop in your state-of-the-art Vox headphones as your tour starts and listen to your guide talking clearly about each site. If you want to wander aside and take photos of attractions, you won’t miss any of the commentary!

Windsor Castle
Your tour starts at the home of the Royal Family for 900 years, and the world's largest and oldest occupied castle. Windsor Castle's fortified walls dominate the delightful town that has grown up around it over the years. You will see the lavishly decorated State Apartments and St. George's Chapel.

Going even further back in time, you'll travel through the rolling green Wiltshire landscape to Stonehenge, a collection of stones dragged to this lonely plain near Salisbury 5, 000 years ago. Who built it? Why? These questions have haunted the minds of centuries of scholars. Set in a landscape dotted with prehistoric mounds and carvings, Stonehenge continues to enthrall the imagination and captivate the heart of every visitor.

Next, it's on to Bath, famous for its elegant Georgian architecture. During your panoramic tour of Bath you will be enchanted by the town's beautifully proportioned streetscapes. You'll see Bath Abbey and the much-photographed Pulteney Bridge, modeled on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. During the tour you will also visit the Roman Baths, the best preserved Roman spa from the ancient world.


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I am taking a tour of the UK and France.

Here is my itinerary. Depart the US from Kennedy and arrive in Heathrow in the morning. Met by the tour company and escorted to our hotel. Free time in the afternoon. Dinner with the other tourist and a briefing on the next day. Day three travel all over London by bus and see Buckingham Palace, Abby, Kensington Palace, and then to a reception with the other guests. Evening is free time. Visit a McDonalds or other fine eatery. Day 4 a trip to Stonehenge. Day 5 take the Chunnel to Paris. Evening free. Day 6 dive by the Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, and the de la Concorde (I can't wait to see that plane!)

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