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8. Re: Reasonably priced High Tea in London?

Oct 23, 2013, 3:43 AM

Now that we are done with the usual high or afternoon tea debate;

My personal favourite is The Wolseley, I rate them due to price/quality, which is outstanding.

I also enjoy Fortnum & Mason, but I'm not close to a frequent guest there due to the price being twice the price of The Wolseley.

In the middle of those to you have The Chesterfield, which is really stylish.

However, there is a budget friendly option;

As I pointed out in the thread of similar topic yesterday, The Delaunay has a separate cafe section where you order at the counter. The atmosphere is great, and it is more relaxed than the usual slightly formal afternoon tea venues. You can tuck away in the corner window with a book, and the afternoon tea for one is GBP 13. In my opinion, this is the ideal place for a solo traveller.


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